N BT40 30 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK40 50E 63F 100Atool holder Bearing lock knife block Locking device ball lock cutter holder type in Tool Holder from Tools

N BT40 30 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK40 50E 63F 100Atool holder Bearing lock knife block Locking device ball lock cutter holder type in Tool Holder from Tools
N BT40 30 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK40 50E 63F 100Atool holder Bearing lock knife block Locking device ball lock cutter holder type in Tool Holder from Tools
N BT40 30 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK40 50E 63F 100Atool holder Bearing lock knife block Locking device ball lock cutter holder type in Tool Holder from Tools
N BT40 30 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK40 50E 63F 100Atool holder Bearing lock knife block Locking device ball lock cutter holder type in Tool Holder from Tools
N BT40 30 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK40 50E 63F 100Atool holder Bearing lock knife block Locking device ball lock cutter holder type in Tool Holder from Tools
N BT40 30 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK40 50E 63F 100Atool holder Bearing lock knife block Locking device ball lock cutter holder type in Tool Holder from Tools

Product Specification

Model Number: NBT30 BT30 BT40 ISO20 ISO25 ISO30 HSK63

Brand Name: GUS

Application: Milling Cutter



Product Name: Bearing Lock Toolholder
Unit: One set
Product Material: High Quality Cast Iron
Product model: ISO, BT, HSK series
Model Universal: ISO30 and HSK50E Universal
Model Universal: BT30 and NBT30 Universal
Model Universal: HSK63A, HSK63F, BT40 Universal
Packaging includes:
1pcs bearing lock tool holder
4pcs screws



Note: The color of the locking device is random.
Fix the knife base on the table with four screws before use.


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