HD Planets Solar System Model Posters and Prints Wall art Decorative Picture Canvas Painting For Living Room Home Decor Unframed in Painting Calligraphy from Home Garden

HD Planets Solar System Model Posters and Prints Wall art Decorative Picture Canvas Painting For Living Room Home Decor Unframed in Painting Calligraphy from Home Garden
HD Planets Solar System Model Posters and Prints Wall art Decorative Picture Canvas Painting For Living Room Home Decor Unframed in Painting Calligraphy from Home Garden
HD Planets Solar System Model Posters and Prints Wall art Decorative Picture Canvas Painting For Living Room Home Decor Unframed in Painting Calligraphy from Home Garden

Product Specification

Medium: Waterproof Ink

Subjects: Still life

Technics: Spray Painting

Shape: Horizontal Rectangle

Material: Silk

Brand Name: Eric and May

Frame: No

Frame mode: Unframed

Support Base: Canvas

Model Number: modern posters and prints

Original: Yes

Type: Canvas Printings

Form: Separate

Style: Abstract

Size: 30*40 cm 40*60 cm 50*75 cm 60*90 cm

Material: Canvas Painting

Size in inches: 12*16 inches 16*24 inches 20*30 inches 24*36 inches

Advantage: Custom Poster

Way Of Put up: Double-sided adhesive present with product

Feature: Durable, no creases, true color, high-grade

Use: Home decoration, bar decoration, hotel decoration

Origin: China

Style: HD The Solar System

Shape: Rectangle









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Commetns hyrywimefo.cf :
Great quality and colours.

In perfect condition and very well packaged!

good. it's tissue like silk.

The poster has no edge, while it is also not possible to bend because. The inscriptions will not be visible. The only option of attaching to two slats and lace as posters in school.